Please read the instructions below very carefully before filling in the application form:
  1. All information you enter in the form is automatically converted to upper case (in capitals) and all mandatory fields are indicated by the “*” mark.
  2. Fill the entire application and click on “CONFIRM” button.
  3. You will then be given the opportunity to review all the information you have just entered.
  4. If no corrections are needed then click the “SUBMIT” button else click on the “EDIT” button to make any necessary changes as needed.
  5. Once you submit the application you will be given an application number and an email containing the same information will be sent to your email id.
  6. You will also then have the option to save your application (in .pdf format) to a any desired location or take a print of the same.
  7. If at any time you need to review the status of your application you will need your application number as well as your email id.
  8. Before filling in the form please ensure you have your email id, a digital copy of your passport size photograph and other details handy.
Detailed instructions on how to fill in the form:

Type of Admission:

  • If you are a fresh/new student please select “New”.
  • If you are an existing student applying for promotion then please select “Promotion”. Once you select “Promotion” form the drop-down you will be prompted to enter theAcademic Year  and current Enrolment Number. For the Academic Year please select the programme academic year you are applying for. For example if you have completed the 1st year of your programme and want to apply for 2nd year then please “2nd” form the dropdown. Next please enter your existing Enrolment Number.

Mode of Admission:

  • Mode of Admission should be University Campus


  • If you are applying for the 2012 session, then select the “2011-2012″ from the drop-down.
  • If you are applying for the 2013 session, then select the “2012-2013″ from the drop-down.

Program Applied For:

  • Select the Programme you are interested in from the drop down List


If a specialization is offered in the programme you are applying to, then you will have to indicate the same using this field. The specialization options will change according to what you select in the Programme Applied For field.

  • Select Specialization form drop down List eg: In Master in Business Administration (MBA) you have four options “Finance”, “Marketing”, “Human Resources” and “Operations Management”.
  • For programs not having any specialization options please select “No Specialization” from the drop-down.

Select Term:

  • Please select the term you are applying to.  For example, a student applying for the January term should select “Term1 (Jan)” and a student applying the 2nd term should select “Term2 (July)”.

Personal Information:

  • Please fill all the details inPersonal Information
  • Applicant Nameon the basis of 10th class/grade certificate. Please do NOT add any prefix title such as Mr. or Ms.
  • Enter your Date of Birth, based on your 10th class/grade certificate, using the Calendar or enter it using the keyboard. If you select yourDate of Birth using the Calendar your age automatically gets pre-filled in the age field.
  • Please select your Gender, Category and Marital Status.
  • Please select “Others” if you are not an Indian citizen and specify your current nationality/origin.
  • Every applicant has to enter his/her Email ID (address).You MUST have exclusive access (account cannot be shared by two or more students) to this email account as we will use this email id to create all your university system accounts and hence do not use a common email. If you do not have an email id, please take a few minutes to create one using Google (Gmail), Yahoo (Yahoo Mail) or any other preferred service provider.
  • Please select the document you plan on attaching to your application to verify yourProof of Residence.

Correspondence Address:

  • Please fill in your correspondence address. We will use this address to send all correspondence for the duration of the programme.
  • Entering a valid phone and mobile number is a must since we send critical updates about your programme details such as results, password recovery information, etc via text messages or phone calls (only if needed).

Permanent Address:

  • Please fill in your Permanent Address in this section. We will use this address to send all correspondence after the duration of the programme. If your correspondence and permanent address are the same, then you can use the “Check this box to copy same address below” to pre-fill the permanent address from the correspondence address.

Family Details:

  • Please enter your Father’s Name or Mother’s Name accurately.  Father’s Name should be on the basis of 10th class/grade certificate.
  • Phone no. or Mobile no. is needed in case we need to get to contact your family in case of emergencies.
  • Please provide a valid email address for your family if you have one.

Academic information:

  • Please provide your highest qualification eg: ( MBA/B.SC)
  • Month and year of passing eg: ( July, 2009)
  • Percentage field only accepts numbers and a value below 100

Education Qualification:

  • Please fill in all the required information.
  • Percentage not more than 100.

Employee History:

  • In case of you currently employed (or have prior work experience) please select “Yes”.
  • On selecting the “Yes”‘option, the “Employee History” field become visible and you are requested to fill the employment history.

Payment Mode:

  • Please fill the name of the bank that issued the Demand Draft(DD).
  • DD Number should be of 6 digits length.
  • Please enter “Amount” and “Date” on the basis of demand draft only.


  • Please check the check box (tick box) to accept the terms and conditions to proceed for form submission.
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